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Augmentation capacité de stockage silos béton, silos palplanche ou circulaire, fond vibrant
Augmentation du débit des installations machines agricoles CERES Agro-industrie
Revamping CERES Agro-industrie
Process vrac garantir la qualité des produits céréales CERES Agro-industrie
Installation de A à Z conception maintenance CERES Agro-industrie et CERES Montage

Do you need to reorganize and structure your incoming and outgoing flows, optimize your storage, rationalize the management of your raw materials or products processed?
Our engineers and technicians offer technical solutions to improve processes on your operating sites, based on preliminary or detailed projects.

Your activity is growing, you may be centralizing your activities, concentrating flows: we analyse together the development of your processing potential on strategic sites (concrete silos, sheet pile or circular silos, bin activators, etc.).
This analysis can focus both on storage sites, port facilities and multimodal platforms.

Agricultural machinery and your customers’ requirements are constantly evolving. We master the skills required to adapt throughputs, from reception to dispatch, from 100t/h to 1,000 t/h.

Your installations have reached end of life, you need to renew production equipment, with or without intervention on the building? Our teams evaluate with you the parameters to define your project within budget and to meet your present and future requirements.

Our range of equipment (see specific data sheets) integrates different processes designed to preserve the quality of your bulk products, in the face of potential degradation, from arrival to shipment.

The extent of our product range and know-how and the variety of skills within CERES Group allow us to manage projects from expressing requirements and defining solutions, to erection on site and maintenance.
Choosing CERES Agro-industrie for complete installation projects is to ensure:
– solutions provided are consistent
– knowledge of the handling equipment for your products
– projects are managed with a single contact person from design to maintenance

Cereals Handling

CERES Agro-industrie offers grain handling solutions for all types of storage: vertical or horizontal silos, metallic sheet pile or round silos, flat-bottomed concrete silos, sloping or conical silos, etc.


CERES Group designs bulk reception solutions for trucks, railcars, ships, above ground…

Cleaning / Calibration

We offer a wide range of grain cleaning equipment: Dust collectors, Flat and Rotary lump breakers, Separator Cleaners. We integrate into installations a wide range of devices from external manufacturers. Rotary Calibrator Cleaner, Densimeter Table, Optical Sorter, Stonecutter, Barley Calibrator.

Ventilation / Grain preservation

CERES Groupe determines the most suitable solutions for grain preservation by conventional ventilation or refrigeration, whether in flat-bottomed buildings, conical-bottomed hoppers, round cells or concrete cells. We manufacture ventilation ducts, machinery gratings and circular ducts.

Dust removal

CERES Agro-industrie designs and installs complete dust extraction networks and offers a range of manufactured bag filters from 56 to 582m².

Dust removal from bulk reception or shipping areas
– Connection to cleaning and handling equipment
– Integration of built-in filters on handling or storage hoppers and cyclofilters
Dust extraction and handling
– Erection of a centralized cleaning unit.

Loading / Shipping

We design and assemble loading systems for the shipment of bulk goods, whether by road, rail, water or ship.

Our group offers specific ranges of handling equipment for fragile products with high added value, particularly in the cereal and vegetable seed sector: Belt conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket elevators

CERES Agro-industrie has developed a specific range of handling equipment for port areas. Robust designs with anti-wear coatings for throughputs of up to 1,000 T/h.

We have a specific range of handling equipment for the sugar industry: Archimedes screws, belt conveyors, bucket elevators.

CERES Agro-industrie produces complete handling systems for steel fertilizer storage warehouses with EPOXY paint or all STAINLESS STEEL.

We offer a range of products for the desiccation industry: handling, separation, filtration and ventilation.

We design tailor-made installations to meet the requirements of raw material management for these industries. We are always open to your project proposals.


CERES Agro-industrie provides bespoke technical solutions on major projects.

Manutention produits fragiles transporteurs à bande, élévateurs à godets

Our range of services

Beyond the design and erection on site of facilities, we have developed value added services for our customers…

Commissioning installations

Our teams of fitters (via CERES Services/CERES Montage, a dedicated section of CERES Group) will accompany you until the start of production (including the test phase), on equipment they know intimately.


Because our customers sometimes require small specific work on the sidelines of a project or in the operation of their sites, we produce standard or custom mechanical parts, sheet metal work and effect repairs.

After-sale service – Spare parts

Our After-Sales & Spare Parts team is at your disposal for any replacements and modifications necessary for the operation of your sites. Our accumulated experience and technical know-how enable us quickly to provide you with the parts required.

Preventive and mechanical maintenance, provision of control room teams

The proper management of a machine park requires planned anticipated maintenance. This is why CERES Services/CERES Montage has 30 teams complete with vehicles and equipment, qualified in ATEX explosion risk and zoning protection, in N1 & N2 chemical risks. These teams can be mobilized on a temporary basis – per campaign or year – or simply as a fixed-price service.
Outsourcing maintenance to teams with expertise on your equipment and production sites is generally a good economic choice, as it reduces the number of breakdowns. This is why we strongly advocate this solution.
Our teams intervene in full compliance with the procedures on your industrial sites (management of regulatory and control documentation), working with teams in place and their expectations in terms of discretion, adaptability, consideration of the environment, and quite simply professionalism.

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Our sales representatives are at your disposal to present the offers which meet your needs.