2015 - 2016

Developing cereal storage capacity

Dynacome - El Jedida (Morocco)

For almost 20 years, CERES Agro-industrie has exercised its expertise in sunny Morocco. We have become the leader in bulk handling sheet pile silos thanks to our installations for MASS Céréales, SAISS Céréales and GROMIC. Building on our excellent collaboration with the IAA Leloup company, specialist in silo engineering, we met with the Dynacome company which had already conferred on us the creation of an initial 20,000 t silo in 2004 and a 20,000 t storage extension of the site in 2007.

As Morocco has little cereal production, special care is taken to ensure the quality of its storage facilities. Based on an existing site, Dynacome wanted to increase its capacity significantly. CERES Agro-industrie teams were commissioned to conduct the initial study in 2008 for an order placed in 2014 after finalizing the financing plan. We have been involved at various key stages:
> The pre-analysis, carried out in collaboration with IAA Leloup, to define the most suitable tool for the industrial configuration.
> After order validation, we delivered the design and technical plans to support the main engineering work (civil engineering, silo construction, etc.).
> Our engineers have also worked on the design of specific equipment such as chain conveyors, bucket elevators and silage belt conveyors.
> We also manage container shipping from France, with the main freight being handled directly by the customer.
> Assembly was entrusted to a Moroccan company, CERES Agro-industrie supervised the verification of items received, validated the assembled components, then ensured adjustments and commissioning.
> Finally, CERES Agro-industrie provided its expertise during the warranty period.

Key information :

  • 16-cell silo built of steel sheet piles
  • Overall capacity: 48,000 tons