Revamping a concrete storage silo (VIVESCIA Roncenay)

VIVESCIA - Roncenay (Aube)

In the process of specializing their silos, VIVESCIA chose to modernize the Roncenay site so that it can collect and store grain from nearby crops and collection centres.

The Champagne cooperative called on CERES AGRO INDUSTRIE to modernize their Roncenay site. In collaboration with other building contractors, structural, electricity, pneumatics, suction (dust removal system), coordinated by Balazot Ingénierie, we completed the analysis, manufacture and assembly of the partial replacement of the 200 tons/hour handling system. This was completed by our subsidiary CERES MONTAGE (CERES Services) and included the renovation of 4 reception pits, silage processing, part of the cells and a majority of the ducts. Finally, we added a lump breaker and STAINLESS STEEL mechanization for a new dryer and the feed for a new distribution hopper.

Our design office initially applied its expertise to minimize modifications to existing buildings.

In a second phase, accompanied by our production teams, it adapted our range of mechanical equipment to our client’s requirements by adding numerous options to increase the durability of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

CERES MONTAGE (CERES Services) carried out the construction work in several stages over 2 years to avoid impacting site operations.

Key information :

  • Storage capacity of 60,000 tons
  • 20 concrete cells
  • Throughput of 200 T/h from reception to shipping
  • 2 reception hoppers replaced by chain conveyors
  • 2 reception hoppers replaced by a bucket elevator
  • 9 chain conveyors, a total of 355 meters
  • 3 waste chain conveyors, a total of 55 meters
  • 1 x 35 meter stainless steel lift
  • 1 galvanized 26-meter lift
  • 1 rotary lump breaker
  • Interchangeable wear-resistant sheet metal-lined duct assembly
  • 6 telescopic handles for delivery hoppers