2015 - 2016

Fast construction of a new cereal storage facility

Bordeaux Letierce Port Silo (SPBL) - in Bassens

The complexity of some installations often resides in the capacity to react quickly and keep to production deadlines rather than bespoke design. CERES Agro-industrie has organized its internal processes to react quickly to this type of need with high reliability.

Bordeaux Letierce Port Silo (SPBL) gave the go-ahead in November 2015 for the erection of its facilities in September 2016.
The project consisted of increasing its storage capacity by creating a new building and associated networks. The structure was designed to store all types of cereals, with 500 t/h connections between the existing and new buildings, as well as the equipment for filling and emptying the new platform (elevator, belt conveyors, hoppers).

In less than 3 weeks, our engineers were able to provide the load plans necessary to drive the other construction contractors. The erection deadlines were kept.
You need a wealth of experience to react fast. The cumulative experience of CERES Agro-industrie’s engineering is a unique asset in these types of fast erection projects.

Key information :

  • 3 belt conveyors, total length: 340 meters
  • 1 bucket elevator
  • 4 large hoppers of 20 m3
  • 1 ventilator system for the entire storage system, with 500 meters of ventilation grating
  • 1 suction network
  • Total flow rate: 500 t/h