2009 - 2012

Port silo with a complex distribution network

Grain Centre - located in Sète

The Grain Centre Company, a subsidiary of Axéréal was commissioned to study the redevelopment of a dock in the port of Sète. The intention was to demolish an old silo located near a tourist area in order to build two new units and a complex distribution network with throughputs of 400 to 800 t/h.

The two new units consisted of a 35,000 tonne concrete grain storage silo and a 15,000 tonne metal flat-bottomed silo for storing oilcake and oilseeds.
The interconnecting network was composed of:
> a 600 t/h storage area with silage and reception at 800 t/h by chain conveyor
> an 800 t/h shipping dock
> a 600 t/h ship unloading dock
> a 400 t/h barge unloading dock
> a 600 t/h train unloading bay
> a 400 t/h link to the SAIPOL plant
> a 400 t/h lorry loading bay

The CERES Agro-industrie teams were massively mobilized to find very quick solutions to establishing interconnections. Starting the project in 2010 allowed 80% of the installations to be completed. At the beginning of 2011 the remaining 20% was completed by extending the dock for barges.

Our specialists supervised the start-up, the adjustment phase, the training of silo managers and monitored the erection on site during the whole warranty period.

Grain Center was delighted with our support and we thus worked regularly on others of its projects in 2014 and 2017.

Key information :

  • 35,000 tons concrete silo
  • 15,000 ton flat metal bottom storage facility
  • 12 belt conveyors 400 to 800 t/h, total length 1300 meters
  • 6 bucket elevators from 400 to 800 t/h, total height of 290 meters
  • 21 chain conveyors from 400 to 800 t/h, total length 620 meters